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Disinfecting Services

A fully integrated, touchless sanitizing and disinfection solution!

 We partner with Vital Oxide, Victory Innovations and BruTab to provide the tools that make our hospitals, schools, and communities safer.

Kill germs, mold and viruses including the coronavirus!

Disinfecting Services


Listen as Jamahal C. Boyd Sr., CEO The Crossroads Center in Cincinnati, explains why he reached out to AD Sales & Service to disinfect his facility.

On-site Assessment Available

We are available to make regularly, scheduled visits to your facility to disinfect and sanitize. 

Parts Washers

The best decision you can make when buying an automatic parts washer is to choose a well-designed product with an outstanding reputation for quality.Whether the parts you’re cleaning are big or small, wide or narrow, heavy or lightweight, Cuda offers many industrial parts washers that can meet your cleaning requirements.


Pressure Washers, Floor Sweepers, Scrubbers

Accomplish more with the same size staff with the impressive productivity of our floor scrubbers and floor sweeper machine.

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