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Let's Work Together!


Albert Barker and Derrick Lambert, co-owners of AD Sales & Service, LLC bring more than 55 years of combined sales experience to this industry. The pair were both born and raised in Beloit, WI. Albert would later attend the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where he received his Bachelor's Degree, while Derrick graduated from Rock Valley College and Alabama State University in Montgomery, Ala. Despite being raised in the same town, the two wouldn't meet until 2011 at Lincoln Heights Baptist Church.

AD Sales & Service, LLC originally started in 2011 as CM Contracting, LLC. Derrick began his career with the company as the sales director under the owner, Clem Meaux, who also happens to be his father-in-law. Under Meaux's leadership, the company became licensed Cuda dealers. 

After Mr. Meaux's passing, Derrick brought on his partner, Albert. Albert previously sold industrial identification products related to OSHA, ANSI and EPA regulations/guidelines. He serviced several industries including manufacturing, healthcare, Defense Aerospace, and construction. Prior to his work with CM Contracting, LLC, Derrick spent more than 25 years in the sales industry including 10 years with Gannett as a sales manager and three years with Hilton Hotels as a sales director. 

The pair decided to change the name from CM Contracting, LLC to AD Sales & Service, LLC in 2019. AD Sales & Services, LLC constantly strives for excellence in every area of its business. The team will work with you to get the appropriate equipment and products for your business.


Let’s Work Together!

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