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These versatile floor sweepers and scrubbers can can handle the dirt and grime indoors and out. Click here for more on cleaning heads and brushes.



KM 70-20 C.jpg

KM 70/20 C

Speedy sweeping and painless maintenance rolled into one convenient package. These sweepers provides superior sweeping performance in a compact manual push sweeper. It is built to be
rugged and durable for long life.

BR 35-12 C BP.jpg

BR 35/12 C BP

The Kärcher BR 30/12 Bp is a compact and lightweight battery-powered scrubber dryer that prevents slipping and leaves the floor dry immediately after cleaning. This battery-powered model is ideal for portable use, and prevents tripping over a power cable. Perfect for cleaning small shops, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, bathrooms and sanitary areas.

B 40 W BP.jpg

B 40 W BP

This machine was built to be easy to operate, safe and easy to maintain. Our Kärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) and our advanced EASY operation are some of the many reasons why the B 40 W family offers a full spectrum of safety and protection for operators, machines and your floors.

BD 80-100 W BP CLASSIC.jpg


Our BD 80/100 W Bp Classic auto scrubber provides excellent site-lines, a simple operator-friendly design, and robust materials for an efficient cleaning performance. The BD 80/100 scrubber has a powerful traction drive, which helps effortless travel of inclines and easy maneuverability. Components, which are exposed to extreme stress in tough working conditions, such as squeegee and disc brush head, are made from solid die-cast aluminum. 

KM 70-30 C BP ADV.jpg

KM 70/30 C BP ADV

Fast and efficient for sweeping indoors or outdoors–on hard floor or carpet for those that need to get the job done right the first time.
Rely on this sweeper to make quick work of any sweeping needs with its highly productive electronic driven broom. It also features active
dust control for optimum air quality. User-friendly features such as an easy adjust broom height and an adjustable handle height make this a popular machine with those who use it.

BD 38-12 C BP.jpg

BD 38/12 C BP

Highly maneuverable, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain, the BD 38/12 C Bp scrubber drier is a high efficient tool for cleaning small areas and cluttered surfaces. The machine is equipped with a 15-inch disc brush. The lithium-ion battery provides longer run times, three times that of conventional lead batteries. The battery is completely maintenance-free and quick to recharge. 

B 60 W BP.jpg

B 60 W BP

The B 60 W Bp is the walkbehind scrubber built for effciency from the ground up. Accomplish more with the same size staff with the impressive productivity of this machine. Choose between cylindrical, disc or oscillating mechanics and various widths to suit your needs with our interchangeable scrub decks. Choose a setting for your operators with our innovative KIK key system.

B 150 R BP.jpg

B 150 R BP

The B 150 R can cover up to 64,580 ft²/hr making this one impressively productive scrubber. Although it can cover large areas quickly, we made sure that it has great visibility for safety. Our KIK operating system and the color coded controls make operation simple and intuitive. KIK allows managers to control what functions
and settings their employees can use and adjust.

KM 75-40 W BP.jpg

KM 75/40 W BP

Big enough to get the job done, but maneuverable to clean congested areas, count on the KM 75/40 W Bp for your sweeping needs. This machine provides the versatility to clean anywhere - carpet or hard floors, indoors or out. We built it to perform day in and day out in the toughest commercial applications.

BD 50-50 C BP.jpg

BD 50/50 C BP

This economically designed scrubber provides you all the cleaning power to take on large jobs—perfect for retail environments, schools
and health care facilities. Three cleaning modes for any operator to get the job done right. The slim design allows you to see in front of the scrubber easier. Home Base kit allows for carrying essentials on the machines,for less visits to the supply closet.

B 80 W BP.jpg

B 80 W BP

The B 80 W BP scrubbers cover a lot of area quickly, but are still easily maneuverable. They feature a robust, interchangeable,
maintenance friendly scrub deck. Choose from cylindrical or disc in 22”, 26”, or 30” widths. Kärcher Fleet comes preinstalled on this machine to provide you with complete visibility of your machine.



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