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As cleaning professionals, we offer EPA and CDC approved products, equipment and services in order to provide our customers with superior cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing solutions.

Featuring Top Brands


Kill germs, mold and viruses including the coronavirus!


We offer this sanitizer in spray bottles and 5-gallon buckets. It meets EPA regulations and is safe to use throughout our communities including schools, hospitals and homes.

air purifier

The Air & Surface Pro uses ActivePure technology developed with NASA for the space programs. It kills 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in the air and on surfaces continuously.

Mechanic Wrench

Trusted. Safer Choice.

Why waste time cleaning industrial parts manually? With Cuda, you simply load the parts, close the roll-in door and push start. A single Cuda parts washer can typically support three to four technicians who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand. Cuda parts washers allow them to concentrate on jobs that produce income, which means your Cuda parts washer could pay for itself in a year or less.

Dedicated to keeping our communities safe

With the application of the water-based solution through the electro-static sprayer, there is no need to touch/wipe the surfaces (dependent on solution spraying) this provides a unique and effective application method. Our sprayers give an eco friendly approach to disinfection due to the time that can be saved whilst utilizing the sprayers, but also the reducing the amount of solution of that is sprayed.


The Ultimate in Cleaning Diversity

Take on large cleaning jobs with this economically designed scrubber. This machine is easy to operate,  allowing shorter training times,  immediate familiarity with the ma-chine, and less operating errors. This high-performance, robust upright machine offers outstanding maneuverability, easy transport and intuitive operation. Ideal for tradesmen, commercial use and contract cleaners.


Trusted by Companies in Cincinnati, Ohio
and Surrounding Areas

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level of Cleanliness

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